We are creating (offline) a transmedia platform that allows us to explore - with you - how children emerge into this world and immediately start engaging civically. An infant explores the world, connecting with family, other caregivers as well as strangers. Those are all civic actions. Peek a boo talks about how important these first interactions are. Fast forward to 18 and a child is is now an adult. In between those stages of development a whole lot of engagements lead to that child being an engaged citizen. Grow Good Citizens shows this learning is sequential, incremental, and cumulative. And we want to show the important ways adults can help guide the way - through stories, interviews, graphics videos, resources, ultimately we will be asking you to weigh in.

Also check out the following 4 posts which are draft samples from Grow Good CItizens. We want to know what you think so please don’t be shy.

AuthorDK Holland